At The Jumping Bulldog we offer a wide array of grooming services.  A full groom for any size dog with medium to long hair includes cleaning of they eyes, ears, teeth and nails, full brush out, cut, wash and dry.  We are happy to inform you know that we only use 100% original earthbath™ products for your pet's grooming needs.


(General menu)

Small, short-haired dogs' full grooming $40 and up
Small, medium to long-haired dogs' full grooming $60 and up
Large dogs' full grooming $75 and up
Full grooming for cats $75 and up

Please inquire about our multiple-pet discount, and discuss all detailed grooming needs with our groomer.


(Customized menu)

Maintenance brush-out $25 and up
Sanitary trim $15 and up
Nail trimming for small dogs $15
Nail trimming for large dogs $18
Maintenance nail trim (depending on prior arrangement) $10
Nail trimming, ears cleaning and pad trimming $25
Pet-icure (nail grinding & nail polish) $25
Brushing teeth with new toothbrush & holistic enzymatic toothpaste $18
Brushing teeth with pet’s personal toothbrush $12


Tick Removal* $10 and up
Flea & Tick Treatment (not incl. bath) $30
Hot Oil Treatment (not incl. bath) $30
Hair coloring for special occasions $40 and up

*Please note that we cannot remove an excessive amount of ticks.  For your pet's well being it should be taken to the vet immediately.

The prices listed** represent a general guideline.  While most dogs fit into any of the price categories mentioned above, the actual cost of the grooming will be determined upon the personal evaluation of the dog and its overall condition and grooming needs, e.g. coat condition, dog behavior, and type of cut requested, etc.

**Price List subject to change without notice


We provide grooming services seven days a week by appointment only.  Grooming schedule is independent of store hours.  Walk-ins are generally not accepted, but we will always strive to accommodate your schedules as best as we can.


At The Jumping Bulldog we take great pride in making your pet look as cute as it can be, and as well-groomed as possible. Sometimes however, due to the delicate nature of the grooming process, and the reaction of the pet being groomed, accidents do happen. Some possible injuries to be aware of include:

Skin Irritations Usually caused by your dog's unfamiliarity with certain shampoos or conditioners.
Eye Irritations These often occur when water or shampoo gets into the hair around your dog's eyes and are usually corrected with a thorough rinsing.
Ear Infections Often the result of water retention in the ear canal and can usually be corrected with a thorough ear flush and/ or aural medications.
Scratches These usually occur with an overly excited or nervous pet on the grooming table. Depending on the location of the scratch or nick a simple application of an anti-biotic ointment should resolve any discomfort or redness.
Tender Feet This usually occurs with dogs that are not used to pedicures and who jerk or move suddenly when our groomer attempts to cut back overgrown nails. Regular pedicures make a dog comfortable with this treatment and much less likely to jerk.
Cuts These usually occur with dogs that are excited, nervous or aggressive towards the groomer. Regular grooming will again cut down on the number of these incidents.

Please be advised that while we do everything possible to prevent injuries to your dog, you assume the risk of any injury or illness that may occur to your dog during the grooming process.