Tania was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1986. For the first few years Tania lived in trendy areas of Manhattan and Long Island, until finally settling in awesome Astoria in 1994.  She has since been a respected member of her community, and she and her French Bulldog, Oskar, are a common sight all around the Ditmars area. 

Tania spent the vast majority of her career working for Europe based companies. After her last corporate employment at one of New York City's premier international banks, which lasted almost 14 years, she left her 2nd VP-position in Human Resources in order to devote her time to the needs of the animal companions around her neighborhood.  In the Summer of 2008 Tania opened Astoria's first true pet boutique on 23rd Avenue, where everyone is welcome and can spoil their pet!

Tania has owned, and lived with all sorts of pets her entire life.  She is currently the proud "mom" of an adorable Frenchie as well as a very sweet Calico cat named Lexie, and she is known to adore all pets.

Tania is also known to accommodate her customer's needs after business hours in emergency situations.  Many times her customers have called and asked her to sell them food for their pets.  Tania lives close by and she is happy to oblige whenever possible.

Charlie was educated as a professional groomer early in his career on Long Island .

His passion for animal care became evident during his adolescent years, and he has worked as an animal care assistant all throughout his high school and college years, during which he carefully honed his skills.  It was during that time that Charlie was first introduced to professional grooming, and his knack for grooming was noticed quickly.  He has since worked as groomer for many years in the Tri-State area.  His customer base includes many private clients in Manhattan, Connecticut and Long Island .

Charlie’s passion for pets grew and carried over to a new medium: Pet Photography.  The same clients that have entrusted their pets to his grooming expertise have engaged him for photo sessions with their cats and dogs for all occasions. 
Charlie Jarrett’s credentials include learned pet grooming and professional photography.Charlie loves all pets, which becomes evident in the care and reverence whith which he treats them

Luke’s love of animals started in his childhood, as he was constantly surrounded by pets and wild beasties (the woods of Pennsylvania can be a scary place).  He left his menagerie of snakes, fish, cats, and the goofiest Laborador Retriever you could have ever met to pursue a career in biology.  He just couldn’t tear himself away from animals, so why not study them.  After working exceptionally hard to receive his degrees in biology (part of his studies took him to Hawaii to study coral reef fish…a tough life), Luke came to Astoria and again felt the pull back towards the world of pet companionship.  It was then that Jack came into his life…and shortly thereafter, The Jumping Bulldog.  Luke and his lovely lady Natalia and their little fellow Jack can officially be seen Thursday nights (and on many other days) at the JB, but they’re often just stopping by on walks, or to chat, or to play with whoever may be there looking for snacks!

Natalia has grown up loving animals, even thinking about going to vet school for a while. While her career path changed (studying germs and finishing her Master of Public Health in May 2010), her love of animals didn’t. Growing up in the countryside of New Jersey, she was always surrounded by neighboring farms’ cows and sheep and had quite a few pets herself- guinea pig, parakeets, several cats, a pair of ferrets, and the family’s black lab and Chesapeake bay retriever.  A few years go, Natalia met Luke and a year later they brought their first French Bulldog home.  They brought puppy Jack to The Jumping Bulldog, met Oskar and Tanja and never left!

Jessica, originally from Scranton, PA., came to New York City 13 years ago for a better job and a more exciting life.  

After leaving her job as a Construction Project Manager of 9 years, Jessica started a successful dog walking and cat sitting service right here in Astoria in 2009*.

Jessica has been a pet owner for most of her life and you will often see her with her dog, Dominick, at The Jumping Bulldog while she is working.  Dominick is an adorably shy, 5.5 lb Yorkshire Terrier with a bark that sounds more like a QUACK...  For a little guy he has quite a big personality once you get to know him. Dominick was a featured model in The Jumping Bulldog Fashion Show "Pawject Runway" in October '09.  

Jessica has a B.S. in Psychology, and she was certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid in early 2009.

*No more new customers, please. 

Wendy is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT), professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and she has been employed by the ASPCA as a pet behavior counselor.  During her time at the ASPCA, Wendy worked with the Animal Behavior Department to implement behavior modification programs to evaluate, train, and rehabilitate shelter dogs so they may become eligible for adoption.  Wendy continues to volunteer her time and skills to the ASPCA, counseling prospective adopters about humane training methods and responsible dog ownership.

After obtaining a BA in Media Studies from Hofstra University, Wendy continued her professional education at the SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, earning an honors Certificate in Training and Behavior Counseling (CTC).  Known as the “Harvard for Dog Trainers,” this intensive program pairs students with the industry’s best dog trainers, including the director, Jean Donaldson, author of The Culture Clash, Mine!, Fight!, Dogs Are From Neptune.

Presently, Wendy teaches group training classes and offers private behavior consultations.   She specializes in on-leash reactivity, believing dog walks should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience for both dog and owner.  She currently resides in Astoria, where she is an active part of the dog-owning community.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Wendy DeSarno as The Jumping Bulldog’s latest affiliate.  We are happy and proud to be working with her, and in bringing the best dog training to our area.