Great Place for Pet Shopping
by rose view at Citysearch
I was wandering Astoria on a beautiful day when I happened to notice this place across from one of my favorite Greek restaurants. I walked in and unexpectedly spent more than half an hour talking to one of the staff, Michael. He was an amazing resource on how to train dogs (his own show spaniel was in the shop with him, so I saw a great demonstration.) I bought some great dog treats and I left only when someone else walked in with their dog... I thought I'd taken up enough of Michael's time.
It's an awesome place, and I'll definitely be going back. Was going to recommend it to a friend in Astoria who has 2 dogs. But turns out it's already her favorite place too.
Pros: pet-friendly, knowledgeable staff
Cons: wish it were bigger!

Old time atmosphere, cutting edge products‎
By russalex - Dec 4, 2008
The feeling when you walk into the Jumping Bulldog is homey, down-to-earth, and comfortable. Unlike the steel and plastic of big chain stores, this place is made for browsing and staying awhile.
This store is a utopia for pet owners. Besides having a great selection of food and treats, it also has a fantastic assortment of toys, bedding, and novelties for your pet. While it definitely leans towards dog owners, they are building up their cat supplies, too.
Can't wait until they get something for our six foot iguana...

Surprising find in Astoria‎
By ElkeVide - Nov 11, 2008
I happened to visit Astoria with a friend when coming across the store. What a find!!! I don't have a pet but my friend has a 1 year old dog and just loved the designer accessories the store was offering. She found a beautiful leach and upon inquiry the owner was immediately offering to research some other items for her. My friend who lives in Manhattan was also very impressed with the prices in general. We learned that the store opened recently and sure hope it will stay around for repeat visits while exploring Astoria.
PS: Oscar is very cute!
Pros: great service and products for an even greater price
Cons: focus on cats and dogs only;

Very unique‎
By claudio2257 - Nov 8, 2008
I love this place.
At the jumping bulldog you can find everything for your pets. I love the take my dogs (Elton and linguini) there to play dates with Oskar. If you want to buy something unique for your pets, it's the place to go. I was just informed that they are also going to do grooming. What else could I ask for? I highly recommend this place if you care about your pets. Thanks for coming to the neighborhood.
Pros: great place to shop and take your pets
Cons: none

Best Pet Store in New York‎
By scatone - Nov 7, 2008

The Jumping Bulldog is a wonderful store for your pets. The pets even play together as you shop and there is always a treat for them which is so wonderful. Every time I have been here, I have always enjoyed the company of Tanja, the owner, and her customers and friends that come with their pets. The Jumping Bulldog has the best prices in NYC that I've seen. Oskar is such a great companion for the pets that come into the store.
Come by and check out The Jumping Bulldog, the fun is just too good to pass up. The Halloween Party for the pets was so much fun. And every pet had their picture taken, so cute! When you come to The Jumping Bulldog, you can expect to become a part of a family of pet lovers.
Thank you Tanja for having such a wonderful store for our pets.
Pros: Prices, Clean Store, Products
Cons: none

Best neighborhood shop!!‎
By LukeH - Nov 6, 2008

We've been bringing our dog Jack here since he was just a baby. Tanja and Oskar have adopted us as though we were part of their own family. Fantastic food and toys to be had, as well as a great selection of pet clothes. One of the greatest things is the prices. We've shopped around, and have found their prices to be among the best in NYC. We're probably here three nights a week, often just to hang out and so Jack and Oskar can play. If you live within driving/walking distance to the N train, take it to Astoria and pay the Jumping Bulldog a won't regret it!!
Pros: good selection, very friendly staff, great neighborhood feel
Cons: not one


Great Products Great Fun‎
By happycamper63 - Nov 6, 2008

Whether you have a dog or cat, this place is great.
Tanja, the owner is very helpful and knows the products she carries.
You are always welcome to bring your furry friends with you to the store. There's always some kind of treat waiting for them. All the pet products she carries are organic and made with human grade ingredients; I know this first hand as I have tried some of the treats myself! There was a Halloween party just for the four-legged kids with organic treats and free portraits for all the furry guests. The place is a great addition to the neighborhood. Keep an eye out for up coming events!
Pros: Pet friendly store, great location
Cons: non


7/23/2009 - Cheers to the Jumping Bulldog!!! 

I have a maltipoo (my first pup), I love her to pieces and freak out about every strange smell or odd behavior. So I'm constantly looking up stuff online and checking out reviews for places. 

I live close to Astoria Park, but have looked for puppy friendly stores, groomers etc. all the way down in BK. Not cool!!! 
I've heard of the Jumping Bulldog a couple of times and thought I'd stop by to get my nutty pup a little ear cleaning because I wasn't sure if they were as clean as they should be. I walked over to this cute little place (it's right there off the street, not sure how I could have missed it all these times I've walked by.) I walked in towards the counter to what seemed like a stuffed dog. BUT no no it was Lupo, this beautiful chocolate mutt, waiting to greet my scared little pup. 

All cuteness aside-I was welcomed by a very nice man (I think his name is Charlie). I told him about my pup’s ears, he had her stand on the counter since Lupo was freaking her out, peeked and sniffed her ears and said, "It looks and smells fine". He could have said yeah let's clean it out and charge me 15 bucks but he was honest. We chatted a bit and he showed a few cute pics of Lupo as a puppy. 

All in all, a very comforting, friendly place for pet lovers (even if you don't own a pet), what more could you ask for. So very happy I stopped in, I'm definitely not going to take my little one anywhere else. I just got her spayed so if anyone wants or has puppy advice send me a note :) 
...and if you know of a good ear cleaning solution lemma know. Peace!

Ibo b., LIC

6/5/2009 - My # 1 is my dog Charlie. He is the sweetest little momma's boy you will ever meet. Charlie however has not been enjoying the long walks I have been taking him on because his hair was getting long and the heat has been getting to him. So a grooming was in order for my furry little friend. The gracious Meg W. let me know that The Jumping Dog did such things in our area because I needed to keep it local. 

So this past Wednesday I dropped in to get some info and was given the business card of the groomer coincidentally also named Charlie, after a quick call I was told that I would be able to bring my Charlie in the next day. I'm not a fan of appointments therefore I'm usually late but I managed to arrive a few minutes early with my boy to find Charlie, the groomer, waiting outside for me. I was pleased. They remarked on his health and weight being superb for a 7yr old dog...I beamed with a mother's pride. I then handed over the leash so the grooming could commence and Charlie said for me to return in an hour and 15 minutes, not bad. Upon arriving for pick-up I see my handsome little dog all washed up with his hair formed into a dog mullet (the style the groomer said was good for cocker spaniels except he didn't call it a mullet). I think next time I'll get Charlie the full shave down. I was then informed that my dog was afraid of everything especially the blow dryer...poor guy doesn't like loud noises: (. The groomer said he was good though and there wasn't really any problems. So I paid the $60+ tip then headed out with my handsome little friend who was quite excited to be exiting. I would definitely return to The Jumping Dog. Charlie the groomer was friendly, accessible, quick, did a good job, and the store is located just a couple blocks away from the Astoria Ditmars stop (last stop N/W train). The lady who I assume owns the place was also very nice and smiley so I am going to have to stop in sometime to maybe pick up some toys for my little guy. Overall it was a good experience. I wish it wasn't $60+ though but hey he needed it to be done. 

-I uploaded the before and after pictures.

Liz W., LIC

12/2/2009 - The owner is very friendly and generous. Sometimes I go around the block to grab some treats from here. Everything they have is healthy for your pet. Nice place, good place.

Victor C., Astoria, NY

9/29/2009 - … Jumping Bulldog is cute, more of a boutique for pets than anything else. They have a HUGE selection of pet beds/carriers, and a lot of clothes for dogs. (I'm a cat owner) They also groom pets, and there are usually a few furry faces hanging out to pet.

Natalie B., LIC

10/12/2008 - If I had a four-legged friend this would be my new favorite store. On a stroll yesterday we walked by the Jumping Bulldog and saw a doggie inside. I am an animal lover at heart (hate kids, love animals) and had to go inside to say hello. The owner asked us if we had any pets. I ponies up the truth and said "Not yet." and she told us that we were welcome to come in and play with Ozzie (the French Bulldog) whenever we want, which is amazing because sometimes I just need some puppy! She even showed us her new kitten, Lexie, who was curled up in a ball snoozin'. 

Besides the adorable animals hanging out on a Saturday afternoon, there are all sorts of fun doggie costumes, organic treats, and toys of the squeaky, chewy, and stuffed variety. There are beds, carriers, and I want to say that there is a small selection of food, but I could be making that part up. Truly I was too interested in scratching behind the kitty’s ears to make her purr than take in the surroundings. 

I could see myself working here at some point just to get paid to hang out with Ozzie and Lexie. Cuuuuuuteeeeenesss!!!

Karen C., Boston, MA

9/5/2008 - … the first time I entered The Jumping Bulldog was the day before the grand opening. I was admiring the dogs from the street, as there were 6 in there- of all sizes- having a BLAST!! My friend & I were welcomed in, given a complimentary glass of wine & were socializing with Tanja, the owner, & all these people who were so happy, proud & honored to know her, for over an hour before we realized that we were supposed to be elsewhere that evening! I returned days later, after petting a dog on the street with this great Greek Flag collar that was found at, yes, The Jumping Bulldog, as my 5-pounder at home was in dire need of just that. As a customer & new friend, I was greeted warmly, by this woman that is more about bringing a community of pet lovers together more so than selling you things you don't need or want. In fact, they did not carry that product small enough, but she was able to order it for me at an insanely low price, & I was given an adorable little leopard print mouse to bring home for my cat, as a gift from her new friend Oskar. I’ve observed the "staff" ((essentially just Tanja & two other girls that help now & again)) welcome people & dogs in just to say hello, grab a free treat or sip of water. Not a pet owner?? STILL a place for you to drop into, look around, or get advice. They're friendly & knowledgeable. So the pros? 
1. GREAT prices. Equal, if not lower than the place on 27th.... 
2. GREAT selection of natural/organic products, especially food (Wellness prices are the best around). 
3. GREAT owner. 
4. Beautiful other products- from bags with paws prints, to jewelry & frames & cards. 
5. PET FRIENDLY!! Yes- this woman loves her dog- but don't all pets deserve that sort of adoration?? Someone who cares that much for her furry critter is bound to care just as much about the care & health of yours as well- & she certainly does. Walk in walletless- you'll still be treated the same. 
6. LOYAL customer base. All the pet owners in Astoria are quickly discovering this little gem, & falling in love with Oskar & Tanja alike. 

1. The selection isn't HUGE- but the store isn't HUGE. Quality over quantity. & If it's not there, it can & will be found, ordered, & waiting at the store for you as soon as possible. Perhaps this is a bit much or more than you care to read for a YELP review... but after reading the other two I felt it was the least I could do for a store you should not veer away from. I recommend you check it out for yourself either way- it's a smiling face & open door of someone who adores animals.

Stephanie G., LIC

11/24/2008 - My wife and I went to the Jumping Bulldog just yesterday in preparation for getting our very first cat. The staff couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. They scrambled all over the shop to make sure we had everything we needed, all the while answering questions and making recommendations. It seems like a real family affair there, such a relief after going to disinterested anonymous chain stores. We left with everything we needed and, even though it's a bit out of our way, are sure we’ll be back.

Jeff H., LIC

9/8/2008 - The one thing that I love about Astoria is its sense of community and The Jumping Bulldog is one of those places that make Astoria that way, it makes it feel like home. The store is friendly, it has great prices - in fact I was surprised how low the prices were, from the look of the place I thought the prices were going to be way over the top, but they are very much affordable. The service is extremely friendly... I think Tanja, the owner of the store, is becoming more a friend than someone who is trying to sell you something. Very nice place, very good energy, great people, great products, great prices.

Elena K., LIC


We LOVE this place!
Always friendly, great selection & prices, dogs ALWAYS come first & get pampered a lot! Petless people are also welcome to get their doggie/ kitty fix. Owner is amazing and her staff is very friendly & knowledgeable. Everyone is utmost helpful & they will go the extra mile to help you! Sometimes hard to reach them via phone but that's no wonder -customers and dogs rule this business and that's their main focus. Got a call back within 2 days the first time around and have been happy customer ever since. Charlie the groomer is great with all dogs, and I could tell my (very difficult) pooch loved him. Great place for this nabe -go and support this store!!

Retireinthesun, 2/3/2010

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I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE JUMPING BULLDOG. My significant other did the work for the store and knows her personally. They are extremely caring, excellent. My cat got sick not too long ago, he got into a bag of catnip and they knew exactly what to do and kitty was fine by the evening. They have a lot of natural treats and always very helpful. You should stop by and check out the store and owners; you will be going back over and over again. - Re: Astoria's French Bulldogs: The Sign of the Mahattcalypse
« Reply #6 on: November 17, 2009, 09:06:20 AM »
Yeah, every time I walk my Shiba, I seem to run into more and more Frenchies. They're cool little dogs with fun personalities. They were definitely on my top list of breeds I was looking at while getting a dog. 

As for Oskar, Tanja and the Jumping Bulldog: they are great! Tanja is always so enthusiastic to talk to you about your pet, she makes great recommendations, and you can tell she is knowledgeable and really cares about the well being of your animal. - Re: Dog groomers?? 
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Quote from: Jess5885 on December 30, 2008, 11:45:56 PM
FYI - The groomer for The Jumping Bulldog (his name is Charlie) did the most amazing job with my little Layla. She looked beautiful and most importantly, SOOO happy!! She loves and trusts Charlie and I know he took very good care of her.

We also are very happy with Charlie at The Jumping Bulldog. He has groomed our 9 months old Yorkie several times and we are always quite pleased. Milo is not an easy to dog to work with but Charlie manages to do a great job in spite of a very uncooperative client! Milo always looks, smells, and feels terrific. We also love the shop and feel that the prices are very reasonable for a pet boutique...great prices on dog food, too! 


“I totally appreciate the advise you have given me on how to get my kitty used the litter box. I felt weird doing it, but it was totally effective and it worked like a charm within less than 36 hours. Thanks so much!”

Kathy D., Astoria, November 17, 2008

“Tonya, the crating advice worked so well that I really don’t have to worry about Lemon Drop being in her “cave” anymore. She has accepted her crate as her own personal space and she absolutely loves being in there, and not just when she’s tired. She’s a much happier puppy, having her own space and all, and my husband and I are very thankful. See you soon!”

Linda & Johnny Matzkess, Astoria, December 2008

“Oh my God, switching Katie Gray to the Core for cats has worked a miracle with my girl. She’s doing so much better than ever, and she’s completely regulated. And she finally eats regularly too. She never did that before. Super, and thanks!”

Olga C. M., Jackson Heights, December 4, 2008

“Wow, my little butterball bulldog is finally in the shape that he should be in. He’s happier, more lively and he eats less than ever before. The food you recommended is awesome, and we can’t thank you enough.”

James & Spinner, Woodside, 2009

“I can’t believe that dental powder really worked. Thanks to your recommendations my yorkie’s teeth don’t have to be pulled after all…what a quack that vet was. Goes to show you that all he wanted was money. I’m so glad we spoke to you, we will be back, that’s for sure.”

Daisey Menendez, Long Island City, February 9, 2009

“Hey, Jumping Bulldog. Cindy and I want to thank you for putting our American Bulldog, Sunny, on the joint formula you recommended. Sunny gets around so much better now, and he can even climb stairs again. We haven’t seen him do that in almost a year. Make sure you keep this stuff in the store because we don’t want Sunny to go another day without it. Thank you so much!”

Sunny, Cindy & David, NYC 2009

“Good afternoon. I want to drop you a note saying that I am very happy with the switch I made. Not only is my dog feeling and acting better, but my poor little 13 year old cat seems to be in better condition too. His fur is shiny, he sheds less and has fewer hairballs. I’m so happy to see our companions in such fine shape and spirits.”

Sincerely, Marie and Stewart Feldman, New York, 2009

“Guys, thank you so much for recommending your vet to us, he saved our baby’s life. We don’t know what we would have done without him. Thanks a million, we will see you soon!”

C + K, Astoria, January 2010

"I was concerned about my 10 year old yellow lab, Elmo, getting slower on the steps and being overweight. Elmo came into our family when my son was only a year old, so the bond between the two is such that just thinking about the day he is no longer with us brings me to tears for the loss my son will feel. I happened to be speaking with Tanja about our pups and she was kind enough to recommend a change in food from the grocery store brands to Innovate and the supplement Nupro. I started Elmo on Innova Large Breed Sr. and added a scoop of Nupro to each feeding the next week. It was only a few weeks before we all noticed the difference in Elmo! He started to slim down once all those indigestible products were out of his system and the glucosamine and chondroitin in the Nupro helped with his mobility when climbing the stairs and running around the yard. Suddenly he is a healthier looking and more active old guy…and I am eternally grateful to Tanja for adding some extra time to make memories with my son’s ‘best buddy’!"

Jenn C., PA, March 2010

“I'm so glad that you suggested all natural bully chews instead of rawhide treats! My 2-year-old Juggle is doing much better and her digestion is now perfect. She is enjoying her treats more too. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)”

Curd K., Long Island City, February 2010

“We have been shopping for our dog, Snoopie, at The Jumping Bulldog for over a year now. Not only that, their groomer, Charlie, has been taking care of our dog's crazy doggie locks for a long time. We just were there again yesterday and it never fails, Tonya, who is the owner, is always very welcoming and warm hearted. Snoopie loves her, and so do we because she makes us feel as though we are family. She has great advise for us, lots of snuggles and treats for Snoopie, and my wife now even uses her human hair dresser -no offense, Charlie.

We love this place and we thought it was time that we share this with our neighbors.”

Snoopie and family -woof! Astoria, 2/2010